ProgRep: May 17 2017

Today was a rough day. Didn’t do too well during the AMC finals, although I didn’t study for it either. Spent too much time studying calculus.

What you reap is what you sow, or something like that.

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten started learning C. As per my previous post, i’m following Kochan’s Programming in C. I’ve completed chapter 3 and i’ll finish chapter 4 before heading to bed. Gotta catch up on the sleep i’ve missed.

So far so good. I’ve been using VIM as my text editor, and while i’m a little bummed that it doesn’t have autocomplete, it’s still fun to experiment with it. My typing speed isn’t half bad, so i’m hoping that i’ll be able to become proficient at VIM.

That’s all for now. Haven’t really learned anything ground shaking, and the code so far is just copy pastes of the textbook code, so I won’t be uploading anything to my github yet.


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