Setting a C programming curriculum for summer break

Now that summer break is around the corner (literally in a day), I decided to set a programming curriculum for what to study. I can’t waste the little time I have to self study, of course.

I’ve decided to learn C and UNIX. While i’m not strong with algorithms or OS design, I want to learn C because of how meticulous you have to be when programming. It’ll be good practice for when I code with Python and Java. I also want to become more familiar with machine language. It isn’t good to abstract what the code does with the computer itself.

As such, here are my materials and ideas so far:

  1. Watch the “Programming Paradigms” Stanford Lecture series.
  2. Take the CPPInstitute C course.
  3. Read Kochan’s “Programming in C
  4. Read B & O’s “Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective”

The books are based on Stanford’s CS107 course, which i’ll also be following for studying aspects of C.

To be honest I don’t know how i’ll apply C. Most of the stuff i’m familiar and interested with are web development and software design (using Python). Maybe i’ll use C to make some games or for software design, but i’m more after the strong foundation by learning the language.

Since i’m on a Windows, and it’s been a pain to setup a C environment, I got my old laptop and installed Ubuntu. That way I can learn how to use UNIX as well.


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